Seriana Edilizia

June 3, 2019

Earthquake strengthening for buildings: it’s what we were born to do

At Seriana S.p.A., we are invested in earthquake strengthening for buildings every day.
With hundreds of completed projects, our mission and the job we were born to do has translated over time into a talent for problem-solving and specific know-how.

vincolo in acciaio di connessione tra pilastro e trave

Earthquake strengthening for companies, precast concrete buildings, warehouses, barns, existing buildings

The way we see it, being in the earthquake strengthening business is more important than ever, a must-do, especially in light of the growing awareness around our country and hence the seismic risks associated with it.

The goal of this specific branch of construction is to erect structures taking into account the behaviour of buildings in the event of an earthquake, having appropriate measures in place so that they are safe should a seismic event occur.

The earthquake strengthening work we do on buildings includes:

  • Seismic retrofits for companies and existing buildings
  • Seismic refurbishment

We are a fast-growing company, specializing in the business of earthquake strengthening for buildings. We are based in northern Italy, in the province of Bergamo, but take on seismic work all across the country.

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