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Reducing vulnerability in buildings predating 2008: this is our mission.

Established in Bergamo in northern Italy and with a long-standing core business of earthquake strengthening of industrial precast concrete structures, we have channelled our efforts and energies into this specific field since day one, cementing our place as an industry leader within the space of a few short years. We are structured with four site teams primed to do the work during your company’s scheduled downtime, over four shifts a day, 365 days a year.
Starting in 2023, we have decided to become more open to the market with the launch of new points in Italy, so as to be able to offer our services with extremely wide coverage and be able to optimize turnaround times, delivering the same high standards of quality we are known for by leveraging all our experience and precision.


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Specialized in industrial earthquake strengthening since 2013

A specialized team ready to listen to your needs

Take advantage of our expertise, know-how and pragmatic approach to seismically upgrade your building. Make the most of the opportunity to have work done at the times that best suit you, without having to stop production.

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Our know-how serving the needs of the industrial sector

A one-stop offering: from improving energy efficiency to earthquake strengthening

Bolstered by our proven experience in earthquake strengthening and our organizational capabilities in implementing complex projects, we have decided to offer our services as a general contractor in the industrial building sector.

What do we do

“Prevention is the only way.” Seriana S.p.A., a leading name in Italy’s earthquake strengthening industry, offers its clients ad hoc solutions, ensuring professionalism, ingenuity and the ultimate safety for earthquake improvement and seismic retrofit work.

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