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tax breaks for seismic work

Take advantage of tax breaks
to reduce the cost of seismic improvements

In recent years, the Italian government has started to introduce tax support in the shape of tax breaks for businesses and private individuals who plan on having seismic upgrade work carried out on their property.
Our tax experts, who diligently stay on top of the ever-changing regulations, can guide you through the red tape to ensure you get the most out of your investment and are aware of all the various tax aspects involved.

regular checks

Our specialists check how tax regulations are evolving on a regular basis, keeping up with the latest developments.

custom solutions

We come up with ad hoc solutions to achieve the best possible tax outcome for our clients.

thorough analysis

Our starting point is to gain a full understanding of your current situation with dedicated analyses.

we are your general contractor

Our company acts as your general contractor, thus optimizing the seismic upgrade processes.

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    Tax regulations never stay the same for very long. Find out about all the latest changes by reading our news articles on the subject

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