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industrial earthquake strengthening

Essezero process:
our strategy for industrial earthquake strengthening.

Through our work in companies, we have come to appreciate just how essential it is, for our clients, that we manage to design and develop an intelligent system so that the benefits of the earthquake strengthening work would be immediately evident without causing any disruption or inconvenience. This goal has led to our purpose-developed ESSEZERO process.


Our business is well positioned to offer a comprehensive, turnkey service covering all necessary steps, from analysing seismic vulnerability, coming up with the design, and providing technical and tax support to carrying out the work.

bypassing industrial systems

Thorough survey of all impediments on site and custom design based on the internal layout and existing systems/services, in order to avoid removing them during the work, or at least keep removal to a minimum.

work around the clock

Planning work around the client’s operational requirements, scheduling each execution stage, and assessing the need to do work at night, at weekends, on public holidays or when manufacturing is temporarily suspended.

totally safe work

Safety, our number one priority: we do strict checks and run training courses on the correct use of PPE. Safety is not just a goal to be achieved, but a fundamental requirement at every stage of our operation.

mess free

Thorough cleaning of the building, both while the seismic work is in progress and once the work is finished, is a high priority for us, so as not to cause the client company and people working inside any inconvenience.

zero dust

With our specific equipment and work processes developed ad hoc, dust emission during the work is reduced or even eliminated altogether, which is an important factor for companies demanding this level of attention.


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