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design and engineering

Design and Engineering:
the engineering heart of earthquake strengthening

Making earthquake improvements to precast concrete buildings presents a new challenge with every new contract, because over the years, we have seen for ourselves that no two projects are ever the same.
Working alongside production, we need to determine what technical solutions offer the best performance, and can be produced optimally and accurately (which is why we use cutting-edge software) based on operating conditions, which vary from company to company.

fem assessments of connections

Sizing of fastenings according to current code.
Fastening systems are sized based on the design stresses and checked in accordance with current code. Mechanical connections making up the fastening system are also modelled using F.E.M. software for a more in-depth assessment of deformations and stress.

3d design

Precast concrete buildings
In recent years, growing demand for a visual representation of the seismic work done has led Seriana S.p.A. to develop (on request) a 3D design capable of illustrating the devices’ design and the space they take up.

infill panel connection

Infill panels are secured directly to the main structural elements (roof beams, beams, columns). The objective is to mainly prevent the mechanism whereby panels tip out of plane, at the same time allowing their in-plane movement.

Overall column reinforcement

Reinforcement of precast concrete columns with a system of straps or cross-section enlargement.
In order to improve the building’s level of earthquake safety, a course of action can be taken that involves reinforcing existing columns and relevant foundation elements with the aid of steel or reinforced concrete jacketing. In both cases, the objective of the work is to increase the capacity of the cross-section in terms of resistance to ductile and/or brittle mechanisms of failure.


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