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The strength of our firm has always lain in the drive to design solutions and services specifically tailored to our clients’ requirements, and in the actionability of said solutions and services. Whether it’s a straightforward analysis, an influential project, or a request for information or tax advice, Seriana S.p.A. has you covered.

Our experts are there at every step, armed with up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest developments in the industry to provide unbeatable quality and expertise to anyone thinking about upgrading their property.

Seismic risk analysis

An essential and compulsory assessment for any company

Italian law calls for the seismic risk analysis report to be attached to the risk assessment document. Find out what this assessment involves and how it’s carried out

Find out more about seismic risk analysis

Design and engineering

Our engineering heart for custom-designed solutions.

Our designers develop a specific earthquake strengthening device for every nook and cranny that needs one as there are no two columns, beams or roof beams on a site that require the same solution. Find out more about the various engineering solutions.

Find out more about the design and engineering steps

Earthquake strengthening

Making a building safe from seismic activity.

Earthquakes occur without warning, it’s an event we have to learn to live with, but we need to know how to deal with them: underestimating them is not the answer, it’s the very problem, and a serious one at that. Find out what a seismic upgrade entails.

Find out more about earthquake strengthening

Tax breaks

A one-stop consulting service, which includes cutting through the red tape.

Our offer consists in ad hoc support on tax matters so that our clients can take advantage of the support offered by the Italian government without the slightest hiccup or inconvenience. Find out how we can be of help to you.

Find out what tax breaks involve
site inspection
final surveys
bureaucratic and administrative procedures
production of components

Find out about all the latest news in the earthquake strengthening world. Our services and our work processes

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