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June 17, 2020

Earthquake strengthening design: the heart of our work

Every last corner of the building requires specific analysis, investigation and design.

Operatore durante le fasi di analisi del rischio sismico

Here at Seriana S.p.A., designing earthquake-proofing measures is our core business.

Since day one, making structural improvements to precast concrete buildings has been our daily goal. Time and experience have taught us that there is no one off-the-shelf solution for every situation: each set of circumstances deserves ad hoc analysis and investigation.

The Seriana team of designers and engineers tackle new investigations and new possible issues on a daily basis, thus coming up with new ways to address them. The site team carries out individual analyses for each client and submits efficient and effective potential strategies that will have the least possible impact on the client’s business.

How is earthquake strengthening design done?

The first step consists in analysing the seismic risk, which gives us a comprehensive overview of the work required to reduce the structure’s seismic risk.

Following this initial stage, a survey of all spaces is conducted for each client, investigating the type of structure housing the business and the associated complexities, if any.

The third stage is the one to which the “tailor made” label applies more than any other. Every last corner of the building requires specific analysis, investigation and design: no two elements are the same. Our Seriana Edilizia engineering team work to create the best highly specialized earthquake strengthening devices for that given element.

The investigation carried out on the structure, along with an analysis of any critical factors, allows our team to custom design the best seismic retrofit so that it is functional for the internal layout and existing systems/services on site.

Our Seriana team will be happy to identify the solution that best suits your individual situation.

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