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March 27, 2020

Custom design: the best preventive approach

At Seriana S.p.A., we carry out client-specific analyses and investigations so that each seismic retrofit is designed ad hoc.

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I need to give my building a seismic retrofit. How do I go about it?

Over our years in the business, we have come to appreciate that the key tool in our arsenal to implement the right preventive action is custom design. Each client and each structure is a one-off case. There are no “off-the-shelf solutions” that can be adapted to each. Each situation requires its own solutions dictated by needs and demands.

So how do you determine the right way to proceed for each individual structure?

With custom design.

The architecture of a building, the layout of its volumes, the materials used and how systems/services are organized inside it are all key elements to be factored in when determining the best procedures to reduce the risk of damage in the event of an earthquake.

Before any work starts, we carry out a thorough analysis and painstaking design for each job, enabling us to choose ad hoc solutions that will deliver safety without totally disrupting the client’s structure.

A thorough investigation of the company site, mapping out any existing impediments, allows the engineers on the Seriana Edilizia team to tailor the best retrofit to suit the internal layout and all systems/services on site.

Our team will be happy to determine what solution best meets the needs of your business.

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