Seriana Edilizia

December 23, 2022

Placing people first

Seriana Edilizia works daily to make industrial pre-fabricated buildings safe.
How does this translate into practice? What does it truly mean?
Well, the heart of the company mission is to make workplaces safe, first and foremost for people. They are precisely the protagonists, the reason that driving the company in all their work.
Making a warehouse safer in the event of an earthquake is not the same as safeguarding “only” the real estate assets but, above all, the human assets, the true heart of companies. This is the outlook held by Seriana Edilizia and its entire team.

pupazzo di neve

Recognition, tenacity and passion are just some of the values dear to the working group which, within a short time, have led it not only to grow exponentially but also to be considered leaders in the sector.
For the new year, the company’s wish is to talk about these very principles.

The 2023 calendar, gifted to collaborators and customers, will therefore reflect this. Starting from the corporate values manifesto displayed in the company, each month will be dedicated to a word that represents the very heart of the values that it has chosen to carry forward in everyday life.

We chose to begin this twelve-month journey with a donation to the paediatric departments of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo.
The healthcare facility in Bergamo, the city where the Assolari family’s dream was born and which during the pandemic was a manifesto of resilience, can only be a symbol of pride and tenacity. It is a symbol of trust, like the one that all citizens, with so much gratitude, have towards personnel and their work. Their tangible and undeniable commitment, is the reason for their safety as well as one of the reasons for the success of the hospital.

Who better than this local business can be the spokesperson for all these values? For Seriana Edilizia it is a true honour, as well as a pleasure, to begin this new journey always placing people first.

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