Seriana Edilizia

November 30, 2022

PMI DAY: Seriana Edilizia opens its doors to schools

For the second consecutive year Seriana Edilizia joins PMI Day, an initiative organised and promoted by Confindustria which aims to bring together two worlds that are still too distant today: school and work.
On the morning of 1 December, the 3rd A class of the Istituto Comprensivo Colleoni di Urgnano will be hosted in the company offices.
The students, accompanied by some of their teachers, will visit our company and will have the opportunity to listen to a summary of its mission and the link between this and the topic of the 2022 edition of PMI DAY: “The beauty of Italian know-how”.

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Seriana Edilizia’s wish is that this meeting might give solid, useful information to the young participants about their future, what it means to work in the company and who are the different professional figures needed in an organisation, such as the company, which offers solutions to the market on a daily basis through different integrated skilled personnel.

The intent of this Edition is to enhance beauty as a culture of training and research, as a quality of relationships that develop within the corporate community.
It is a valuable time to raise awareness of the value of work created and developed in the area, the importance and beauty of transforming an idea into a project and, subsequently, into actual results.

Seriana Edilizia will participate by talking about its business through the voice of some of the protagonists. The students of the Urgnano school, in addition to directly seeing the company’s environments, will listen to the stories of various people on the team, all with different roles, and therefore different points of view: from Martina Maffi, Talent Acquisition Specialist of Human Resources as the day’s host, to Emanuela Federici, Marketing and Communications Manager, for a corporate summary around the common thread of the year’s topic. A particular moment will be that of the meeting with Michele Assolari, owner of the company who, almost 10 years ago, had, together with his brother Mirko, the idea and intuition of dedicating himself to the particular branch of construction which deals with seismic improvement. From his words it will be possible to understand the importance of having the foresight, passion and concreteness necessary to start a business with the hope of lighting that spark typical of successful dreamers: never giving up.

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