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November 20, 2020

Seismic upgrades for food companies: Triplex treatment

When doing work to bring food companies up to seismic code, it is extremely important to prevent any possible contamination of the environment we are working in. This is why we choose Triplex treatment for companies of this kind.

piastra in acciaio applicata con sistema triplex

Every day, we carry out seismic retrofitting work in a whole host of different sectors: from engineering to manufacturing and through to food companies. Given the very nature of the product they handle, these companies require special measures that, in addition to not disrupting the company’s routine, above all protect the goods being processed.

Zero Dust

With our Essezero programme and Zero Dust process, we are used to getting the job done while trying to minimize the amount of dust caused by the work involved. When dealing with food production, there is an even greater focus on this extra measure.

The need to keep the workplace free of dust is not limited just to the actual moment that the seismic work is being done. With the very aim of ensuring the workplace is protected as much and for as long as possible from contamination by the materials used, when dealing with companies of this kind we opt to carry out the work adopting a cutting-edge system for our fastenings consisting in a special treatment called Triplex.

Triplex treatment

This is a corrosion-inhibiting treatment designed for steel fastenings. Where not suitably treated, steel is actually a material that can deteriorate very quickly, resulting in corrosion and rust issues. Triplex, on the other hand, delivers longevity, environmental sustainability and good looks.

What’s in the Triplex treatment?

The concept behind the treatment is a combination of hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating that together deliver extremely high levels of anticorrosive and aesthetic performance. The three stages in the TRIPLEX® SYSTEM have been developed by leveraging nanotechnologies: a zinc coating specially designed to be powder coated, a pre-treatment that is perfectly compatible with the zinc alloy, and special coatings reformulated for the zinc-coated substrate. A complete system whose every stage is interconnected, ensuring that the coating film adheres to the metal. An essential process for a first-rate finish.

How long does Triplex last?

How long Triplex treatment lasts can vary depending on the environment it is in. According to the data given on the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), if it is in an environment surrounded by nature, it can last as long as 120 years; while in an urban setting, its service life drops to around 100 years.

What are the advantages of using Triplex?

  • It stops the onset of rust on steel, at the same time helping keep welds strong.
  • It delivers an excellent aesthetic result
  • A system that helps protect the environment and non-renewable resources.

The Seriana S.p.A. team will be happy to answer any other questions you may have and work with you to determine the best solution for your company’s circumstances.

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