Seriana Edilizia

February 11, 2020

Seismic upgrades without the mess

parete di un azienda al termine di un lavoro completamente pulita

With the aid of specific equipment, we can reduce the emission of dust while work is being carried out.

The companies who approach us to request we bring their buildings up to seismic code often have misgivings about what the work will actually entail and the relevant time frames.

Possibly balking at the scale of the retrofit to be done on a building that is in use and fully furnished, they worry about what state their building is going to be in by the time the job is complete.

We are a dynamic, go-getting firm that understands the needs of business owners and their employees: this is precisely why we appreciate just how important it is to minimize the amount of dust produced during the project.

Using specific equipment and employing operating procedures designed for this very purpose, we can reduce the amount of dust generated during the work, or even eliminate dust altogether. This is a factor of paramount importance for our client companies who cannot tolerate the generation of dust, such as food or pharmaceutical firms, or companies that use sensitive machinery or equipment.

Are you one of those companies that needs a mess-free zone while seismic retrofit work is going on to bring the building up to code? Our team will be happy to determine what solution best meets the needs of your business.

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