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July 7, 2022

The Seriana S.p.A. supply chain

Optimal handling of the process required to offer the market a service like seismic improvement on precast concrete structures is of paramount importance to us. Achieving this entails coordinating the transfer of information and physical materials from the supplier to the end client in the best way possible.
To handle this process, we need to go through the so-called supply chain.

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How it all works

This system is created by engaging the whole supply chain, covering everything from manufacturing to supply. It starts upstream, i.e. with the design of earthquake strengthening systems coordinated in-house and with the procurement of materials and services through the purchasing department. The latter handles the purchase of services from metal fabrication workshops, dealers selling anchor systems, long-term lease of coring and drilling tools, and electric elevating work platform or EWP hire companies. The objective is to get everything needed to site ready for the final job with our earthquake strengthening systems.


With the tried-and-tested application of the supply chain, we can meet the market with unrivalled competitiveness, thus reaping benefits in terms of revenue, profits and cost curbing, while consistently offering a service of the highest quality.
The following aspects play a key role in achieving said results:

  • Weekly scheduling of jobs and design development capability;
  • Planning of production capacity, in terms of simultaneous deployment of our assembly work teams across a number of sites;
  • Handling of orders by the purchasing department with different supply categories;
  • Use of dedicated software systems for quote requests and supply requisitions;
  • Planning of the materials’ delivery straight to site;
  • Collaboration and integration between departments, from engineering to production and, not least, purchasing.

We have our own production model, which involves engineering to order. Hence each project is designed ad hoc and incorporates a stream of supplies and a choice of invariably specific suppliers that are hand-picked for the job.

The specific work for a given project consists in:

  • designing the most suitable system for the type of building in question
  • ordering the metalwork from the supplier best placed to carry out the work required in terms of expected weights, while also factoring in delivery time frames
  • procuring anchor systems from affiliated suppliers with delivery straight to the jobsite
  • booking EWPs from the hire companies closest to the area in order to reduce transport costs
  • determining what equipment is required for the job with the site teams
  • constantly monitoring site delivery procedures and time frames

The process

Handling the supply chain correctly is becoming increasingly complex as we need to be able to deliver efficiency and accuracy and, at the same time, ensure speed and flexibility.
Success is closely linked to the optimal handling of the following aspects:

  • the number of jobs each month;
  • design time frames;
  • transfer of information to the purchasing department;
  • the choice of metalwork suppliers based on workloads;
  • the choice of EWP hire companies closest to the jobsite;
  • estimated material delivery times;
  • monitoring of order status;
  • meeting delivery deadlines;
  • standardization of all processes.

The future

Collaboration, environmental sustainability and digitization: these are the keywords for the future of the supply chain. We are already moving in this direction with the optimization of our purchasing processes with suppliers by means of dedicated shared platforms.

The process thus enables us to save and optimize resources, which ties in with our environmental objective of reducing fuel consumption with the on-site use of electric EWPs and drilling equipment. By also reducing Co2 emissions, this approach means we can provide a healthier environment for the members of our team as well as for the client’s workers on site.

Our ongoing development and progress in supply chain management has earned us a place on the list of “2022 top-ranked companies for growth.” Find out more.

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