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May 26, 2023

The Seveso III directive and the importance of seismic improvement in buildings with risk of major accidents.

For companies at high risk of a major accident, the safety of industrial installations is an absolute priority. In particular, if you have pre-fabricated industrial warehouses built before 2008, it is essential to pay particular attention to seismic safety. The Seveso III directive, implemented in Italy with Legislative Decree no. 105 of 26 June 2015, represents a crucial regulatory framework for controlling the risk of major accidents connected to dangerous substances, but it is also important to ensure that the structures installed comply with seismic safety standards.

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Pre-fabricated industrial warehouses built before 2008 may not comply with current seismic safety standards. This is particularly concerning for companies at high risk of a major accident, as structural damage caused by an earthquake could have disastrous consequences, such as the uncontrolled release of hazardous substances and the risk of a domino effect inside and outside the factory. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the seismic safety of existing industrial buildings and take steps to improve it.

Obligations of the Manager and Policy for the Prevention of Major Accidents

The plant manager is required to adopt all necessary measures to prevent major accidents and limit their consequences on human health and the environment, as established by the Seveso III directive and Legislative Decree no. 105. This also includes taking measures to improve the seismic safety of pre-fabricated warehouses. The manager must draw up a policy for the prevention of major accidents, which includes the general objectives and principles of action, highlighting the commitment to continuous improvement in controlling dangers from major accidents. This policy should specifically consider seismic safety and the importance of improving existing structures, supplementing the Risk Assessment Document with a specifically designed annex.

Evaluation of Prefabricated Industrial Warehouses and Corrective Actions

It is essential to assess seismic safety of existing pre-fabricated industrial warehouses, particularly if they are located in areas with high seismic risk. This involves a detailed evaluation of the structural characteristics, materials used and compliance with current seismic regulations. If seismic safety problems are identified, appropriate corrective actions must be taken to improve the structural stability of the warehouses. These actions may include structural reinforcements, the installation of seismic energy dissipation systems and compliance with current seismic safety standards.

Improving the seismic safety of pre-fabricated industrial warehouses offers numerous benefits for companies at high risk of a major accident. Firstly, it increases the safety of operators and personnel within the plant, reducing the risk of serious or fatal injuries in the event of an earthquake. Secondly, it reduces the risk of uncontrolled spills of hazardous substances, which could cause damage to the environment and place public health at risk. Finally, it improves business resilience, minimising production downtime and costs resulting from structural damage.

For companies at high risk of a major accident that own pre-fabricated industrial warehouses built before 2008, improving seismic safety is an imperative. The Seveso III directive and Legislative Decree no. 105 emphasize the importance of adopting measures to prevent accidents and limit their consequences. Assessing the seismic safety of warehouses and taking appropriate corrective actions can help ensure the safety of plants, protect personnel and the environment and ensure the operational continuity of companies. Investing in seismic safety is an essential step towards responsible risk management and protection of the company and the surrounding community.

Over the years, Seriana S.p.A. has come across various situations of companies at risk of major accidents, such as Bozzetto Group, Industria Chimica Panzeri S.R.L. and CBR S.P.A. where we intervened with seismic improvements and local reinforcements to make this type of company adequate in terms of seismic safety.

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