Seriana Edilizia

July 22, 2022

Carbon neutrality, the first Energiesprong Italia project

Energiesprong Italia is a company that Seriana Edilizia is deeply interested in as it shares principles and objectives aimed at the future of the ecological and above all seismic redevelopment of our country.

The first construction site event of this virtuous organisation for deep, anti-seismic and full electric redevelopment will be held on Tuesday, 26 July at 11 AM.
This initiative will start with the live assembly of the new solutions provided by a supply chain led by Wood Beton from Brescia; it will be possible to follow the construction site-event online live from the municipality of Corte Franca (BS) in live-streaming on EDERA’s Youtube and Facebook pages.

Energiesprong is a movement that aims to decarbonise construction much faster than what has been done to date.
Born in Holland and now also widespread in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the state of New York, it has redeveloped over 6000 homes and buildings, and finally arrived to Italy thanks to the non-profit Edera Innovation Centre.

As regards the Italian situation, in order to achieve carbon neutrality, it will be necessary to redevelop over 15 million homes by 2050, and this will have to be done considering the seismic situation of our territory.
According to calculations, we are talking about approximately 1 house per minute for 28 years, which makes a drastic increase in the number of interventions essential.
In order to mitigate growing management costs, abandoning gas and introducing integrated fully electric solutions are definitely measures that can help reduce the increasingly frequent energy supply problems.

Marco Daniele Bolis, Seriana Edilizia’s Research and Development Manager, explains why joining the Energiesprong Italia project is important and how this can make a significant contribution:
“Seriana Edilizia has undisputed in-depth experience in the field of seismic improvement. This expertise of ours is essential to adapt to Italian businesses, for a new approach to the topic of seismic improvement of residential buildings.
Seriana Edilizia wants to share, at the same time, the resolution of both thermal and seismic improvement. We think it’s the right time to increase our collective sensitivity. We cannot continue to address these problems only in the wake of calamitous events. A vision in terms of prevention is absolutely essential.”

The launch of the first Italian Energiesprong project means that, even in our country, we are finally ready to demonstrate that it is possible to carry out deep, anti-seismic and “zero energy” redevelopments (i.e. capable of generating a quantity of energy equal to that consumed), intervening quickly, without leaving home and thanks to the use of industrialized production.
For Bolis, the evolution of ESit will lead to “Creating an industrial supply chain that works on large numbers, with the contribution of large supplier companies for cost optimisation.
However, we must never forget the importance of qualitative, temporal and financial aspects, without falling into the trap of a mere comparison between artisanal activities in progress and industrial solutions.”

This virtuous project is only the first step towards improving the energy future of Italy and above all of the new generations.

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