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August 30, 2023

Seismic improvement funds for companies in the crater area

We all know how much the earthquakes of 2009 and 2012 impacted the economic and social situation of the regions affected by these terrible events.
In these zones, thousands of companies have been forced to suspend operations or even close down, weakening the social fabric of those areas, leaving thousands of employees at home and putting their families in difficult situations.
Fortunately, the government did not remain idle, it made available huge capital to help the recovery in the so-called crater area.

calcolatrice con scritto PNRR, fogli con calcoli una penna ed occhiali

The government’s strategic documents.

The main projects dedicated to helping the territory are the PNRR, or National Recovery Resilience Plan, and the PNC, National Plan for Complementary Investments to the PNRR.
These projects aim to provide financing intended for the recovery and strengthening of the affected regions, both for a general improvement of the economic, social and infrastructure situation, and for specific investments in the reconstruction of buildings and anti-seismic prevention.

The PNRR aims to help in multiple sectors through projects of a varied nature: digitalization, health, social aid, infrastructure, ecological transition and infrastructure are just a few examples of the fields that the government aims to implement.

The PNC is a further supplement to the PNRR and an extension of the already long list of approved projects for the reconstruction of the crater area.
This complementary plan is based on principles to optimize resource allocation, directly financing defined projects rather than just allocating resources. It also aims to speed up and simplify the implementation of valid projects, shortening administrative steps as much as possible.

Companies in the crater area.

For the affected areas and also for the entire nation, it is essential that the economic recovery of these regions take place as quickly and effectively as possible, in order to consequently help the families who live there.
A company located in the crater area can therefore potentially access exclusive funding allocated by the State as long as the project it wants to implement is included in the types or projects that can benefit from such funds.

One of the fundamental factors to specify is that, for companies located in these areas with high seismic risk, it has become mandatory to perform a seismic risk analysis of buildings were work is conducted, an essential preventive procedure to reduce the chances that high intensity seismic events, like those of 2009 and 2012, may cause damage of a similar magnitude.
Furthermore, Legislative Decree 81/2008 specifies the obligation, within the framework of the Regional Executive Decree, to also evaluate and reduce seismic risk in the workplace.

Within the context of company seismic redevelopment interventions, it is essential to remember the deduction of the earthquake bonus, as well as the funding provided by PNRR and PNC.
This construction bonus can reimburse the costs necessary for the seismic improvement of a manufacturing building up to 80% of the expense, potentially including the costs for the design phase and seismic vulnerability analysis.

A company that is aiming for recovery can also find help in other areas as well as for the safety of its buildings, in fact there are countless regional and government tenders that make funds available for various projects, both for technological improvement and digitalization of processes and directly for the purchase of expensive manufacturing machines and equipment.

These benefits are not always easily accessible or intuitive. In these cases, it can be advantageous to rely on industry experts who can support companies step by step during their recovery journey.
Seriana S.p.A., for example, can help you during the entire seismic improvement process of your pre-fabricated building, from the intervention design phase to the best method for accessing funds and deductions that can help offset the costs linked to these types of operations.

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