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December 15, 2020

SE serving the needs of businesses: not one, but multiple make-safe projects

The Seriana team shares its extensive know-how in the earthquake strengthening field with businesses, designs the most suitable remedy, and carries out the work on site with the utmost professionalism and precision. The case study below is Sandra S.p.a.

vincoli posati su struttura prefabbricata di proprietà dell'azienda Sandra Spa

Our strengths are the reason we manage to build a relationship of respect and mutual trust with the client, often leading to new contracts for other buildings or facilities.

Making buildings safe means improving the quality of employee occupational safety, and hence improving the company as a whole. When these values are shared, clients recognize Seriana S.p.A. as the ideal partner to handle not just one, but multiple projects for them.

Following a far-reaching analysis and design process — especially when the facility is vast and comprises several different buildings — the Seriana Edilizia team can plan a number of jobs spread out over a period time, in line with the client’s requirements.

One virtuous example is the collaboration between Seriana S.p.A. and Sandra S.p.A.

vincoli tra capriate e pilastri presso l'azienda Sandra Spa

Sandra S.p.A. is a company based in Parma who have been producing packaging for the domestic and international market since 1960. Product excellence and ongoing research and evolution have allowed Sandra S.p.A to become an industry leader and stay ahead of the curve: their latest challenge is sustainability.

Sandra S.p.A. currently has a team of 400 working in its San Polo di Torrile and Mezzani facilities.

Make-safe work

Seriana has carried out significant make-safe work at Sandra S.p.A’s premises over a number of consecutive years starting in 2018.
Work was carried out at both the San Polo di Torrile and Mezzani facilities, both in the province of Parma, and was scheduled to take place both during the day and at night, depending on the client’s requirements, for a total of ten buildings.

Two projects on two additional buildings are scheduled for autumn 2021.

Occupational safety is a priority and a culture that must be embraced by all, operators and directors alike.

Part of the path to achieving this goal involves the safety of the environment: making buildings earthquake resilient is the extremely important first step, especially when you are located in a high seismic risk area like Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region.

Stand-out projects and positive collaborations are the forte of a company like ours whose sights are always set high.

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