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April 21, 2021

Seismic upgrades without disrupting the company’s production cycle

Here at Seriana S.p.A., seismic retrofitting is the order of the day and, drawing on our know-how, we are able to investigate and plan work based on the client’s needs.

Personale seriana edilizia impegnato in una riunione di coordinamento
We carry out seismic retrofitting work in numerous companies to being their facilities up to code, gaining a wealth of experience and honing our ability to plan work around the needs of each individual client, the kind of products they make and what industry they are in.

Each manufacturer has its own organizational setup: for example, some companies have a highly intense production cycle organized across different shifts that cannot cope with unscheduled downtime.

Seriana S.p.A.: a partner to our clients

With a view to meeting manufacturers’ needs, we can even handle jobs over the companies’ traditional shutdown periods, allowing them to have excellent earthquake strengthening work done with fast project turnaround times and without disruption.

We can essentially schedule seismic retrofitting work to be carried out when the client is closed over the summer and Christmas holidays, when there would be no manufacturing going on anyway.

The work takes just a few weeks, deploying a strong site team so as to ensure the premises can be handed back over in time for the business to reopen.

On this note, over the past few weeks, we have been wrapping up the project on Ballarini’s facilities carried out while they were closed for the December holidays.

Ballarini case study: Italian-made excellence.

Ballarini, a jewel in the Made in Italy brand’s crown, is an international name in the manufacture and sale of a brand of steel pans for home and professional use. Working with steel entails significant resources in terms of both equipment and personnel, who are employed in uninterrupted production cycles, run based on unbending time frames and with the aid of cutting-edge technologies and powerful machinery.

Over the month of December 2020, we deployed a 10-strong team of professionals to carry out seismic retrofitting work to bring Ballarini’s premises up to code, planned to coincide with the shutdown period when production would be stopped over the Christmas break. As is our modus operandi, before we set up the site, covering an area of 3100 sq metres, we brought in a team of engineers to do the investigation and analysis work, thus carrying out inspections on site to plan and organize the project down to the last detail.

The investigations’ findings informed the decision to strengthen beam-column connections and beam-roof beam connections from the inside and fasten infill panels on both the inside and outside.

The deployment of impressive resources — both equipment and people — meant the job could be carried out thoroughly and efficiently within a compressed time frame, meeting with the approval of the client, who was able to resume production at full capacity on reopening after the regular shutdown period.

The project was organized in such a way as to not call for an unscheduled manufacturing shutdown, instead successfully working around the company’s production schedules.

On-time delivery, preparation and versatility are three traits that make Seriana S.p.A. a unique construction firm: more than just a supplier, we are a partner to our clients.

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