Seriana Edilizia

November 22, 2022

Seriana Edilizia, among Growth Leaders 2023

For the second consecutive year, Seriana Edilizia has been included in the prestigious “Growth Leaders” ranking, drawn up by Il Sole 24 Ore in collaboration with Statista and published on 22 November 2022.

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Growth Leader 2023 is a list of the 450 Italian companies that achieved the greatest turnover growth in the 2018-2021 three-year period.

Seriana Edilizia, which already ranked last year, this year placed 224th in the ranking that considered the data of over 8,000 Italian companies.

This is an important recognition for the entire team that recognizes the commitment and sacrifices that everyone puts forth on a daily basis. Teamwork is fundamental for our company.

The company’s achievement of this ranking was enabled long ago. This is not a result that arises from the work of the most recent three-year period being analysed but, rather, from the company philosophy itself.

In just a few years, Seriana Edilizia has become the market leader in anti-seismic systems targeting industry with pre-fabricated concrete structures. According to its mission and philosophy, it works daily with its technicians and engineers, and with highly specialized operational teams to intervene in companies with as little impact as possible on their work. The main objective that drives the whole team is always one: performing anti-seismic prevention and eliminating earthquake risks, as the claim states. Doing it in a highly seismic territory like the Italian one is a challenge that requires a contribution from everyone on the important topic of seismic risk and raising awareness. Over the years we have noticed how, with our intervention, we have become “allies” and partners of entrepreneurs who care about their employees, the environment and their business.

Seriana Edilizia places people and their well-being first.

Specific examples of this are the creation of an Academy, being open to local schools, and the involvement of employees.

Seriana Edilizia Academy

In April 2022, the first edition of the company Academy was created. What did it consist of? It consisted of a completely free, highly professional training course divided into two parts: one theoretical and one practical. Aimed at anyone who wanted to get involved and become part of the company’s operational teams, the aim was to deepen knowledge and assembly techniques and offer immediate entry into the labour force with in-depth and timely training.

Bergamo Job Festival & PMI DAY

Seriana Edilizia is always attentive to the territory and is aware of the value that children have towards our future. It is with this in mind that the company participates in various initiatives dedicated to young people. Among these, was participation in the “Bergamo Job Festival”: an initiative promoted by Confindustria and the Territorial Education Office.

The aim was to create a meeting point between graduates and companies through a series of meetings and cognitive interviews.

Again from this perspective, during PMI DAY on 1 December, Seriana Edilizia will welcome an eighth grade class to come and visit and thus have the opportunity to get to know our environment and activities first hand.

Seriana Believes

The value of people and teams in the company is also demonstrated by initiatives that are not strictly linked to the core business but started directly from people’s ideas. An example of this is Seriana believes,” the unreleased song born from the passion and creativity of the company’s marketing office. The idea was to create a song to “donate” to the company and its employees to surprise the whole team.

It is this “placing people first” philosophy that has allowed the company to be a Growth Leader for a second year and which makes it the perfect opportunity to extend thanks to all team members, one by one, and to the Customers who so often reward our efforts by renewing their trust.

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