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September 28, 2020

Seriana Edilizia earthquake improvement project sites

Seriana Edilizia earthquake improvement work is going full steam ahead all across Italy.
While for many people and businesses August brings a well-deserved break after a year of hard work, for us it’s quite another matter.

ple in azione per raggiungere il tetto di un capannone industriale

For a company offering earthquake strengthening, the summer holidays often represent the ideal opportunity to pull out all the stops to get work done in companies that have stopped or slowed down their production, without interfering with those production activities. In addition to our technical teams, our offices have also continued to work last month in order to be 100% operational as September rolls around, too.

Right now, we have many project sites on the go that we will be wrapping up in the next 30 days or so.

Novatex Italia in Oggiono, in the province of Lecco
From 31 August to 30 September, one of our teams will be busy working every day at Novatex Italia’s premises in the province of Lecco.
For over 40 years, Novatex has been a byword for innovation in the rotary baler net wrap field. An all-Italian business — the only one in the world to make its own production technology in-house — has two production facilities: one in the aforementioned Oggiono, their headquarters, and the other in the province of Matera
Much like Seriana Edilizia, this is a business that is consistently focused on the future and progress, something that is reflected in their collaboration with universities to achieve increasingly high quality with the type of advanced tech Novatex is known for.

Valente in Campodarsego, in the province of Padua
Valente are the go-to experts for the design and manufacture of technical solutions for vineyards and orchards, not to mention a leading name in the manufacture and supply of prestressed concrete and galvanized steel posts, and covers protecting against hail, rain, insects and sun. Where Valente’s business goal is to help farmers every day to improve their work, and consequently make the world a better place, the Seriana Edilizia team carries out seismic work in the similar belief that we are making a contribution to improving everyday life and the safety of workplaces in the companies that benefit from our projects.

Bianchi Industry in Verdellino, in the province of Bergamo
In the second half of the month, one of our technical teams will be heading to Bianchi Industry’s premises. A manufacturer of coffee vending machines, this company is always seeking solutions that mirror the latest market trends as closely as possible, with 5 branches around the globe and serving more than 50 countries. Like us, Bianchi Industry is a company borne of the passion of a whole family, the importance of stability, an appreciation for their past and certainty in the future.

Kaeser in Bologna
Between 31 August and 2 October, on two separate occasions, Seriana Edilizia engineers will also be on site at Kaeser’s Bologna premises. A world leader, the company makes products, services and systems for supplying compressed process air for production and processing purposes. Ongoing efficiency optimization is achieved through constant dialogue with their clients.
Seriana Edilizia tackles challenges on a daily basis. For each business, we conceive and engineer solutions ad hoc to make existing precast concrete buildings safe.
lizia sono quotidiane. Per ciascuna realtà vengono pensate e studiate soluzioni ad hoc che mettano in sicurezza gli edifici prefabbricati già esistenti.

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