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December 23, 2021

Seriana Edilizia adopts a beehive

Seriana Edilizia’s mission is to make the places we live in safe, actively working today to ensure a better future. Our focus, though, extends beyond building safety; so, for Christmas 2021, we’ve decided to adopt a beehive for the whole of 2022, and make our usual dedication to the job even sweeter by presenting our clients and our employees with some delicious honey, too.

vasetto di miele

So why a beehive exactly?

Because a world without bees is a world without a tomorrow. These black and yellow striped insects, tasked with pollinating billions of plants, are responsible for ensuring a functional, dynamic and secure ecosystem for both the animal kingdom and the human world. They tenaciously, steadfastly and persistently play their part in the plant reproduction cycle, while also producing a wonderful foodstuff: honey.

But an abundance of doggedness packed into less than 2 furry cm is no longer enough: it’s not all a bed of roses for our little friends since the hazards putting their very survival in jeopardy have become the order of the day. With risk factors like pollution, climate change and overuse of pesticides, these minute beings are in danger of dying out, taking with them the reality we know today.

So, keen to bolster every field (whether it’s a building or the ecosystem), we have decided to adopt a beehive. How many bees will we be looking after? 300,000!

Adopting a beehive ensures the survival of bees along with thousands of plant species that would not otherwise be able reproduce. Adopting a beehive and protecting bees means making a very important contribution to protecting the ecosystem and biodiversity.

3Bee, a leading business in the field, states that “Bees, which are responsible for the pollination of over 80% of the fruit and vegetables that we eat every day, are disappearing. So Seriana Edilizia has adopted a beehive belonging to a beekeeper based in Gandino in the Lombardy region using the most advanced 3Bee beekeeping technology. Through this initiative, Seriana Edilizia is protecting 300 thousand bees for a year, and pollinating 300 million flowers.”

Look at our hive!


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