Seriana Edilizia

March 8, 2022

Seriana Edilizia celebrates International Women’s Day with “Women for Women”

International Women’s Day is a time to share content on the gender gap, female employment, female empowerment, etc. These are issues that have made it onto the everyday agendas of today’s companies, including Seriana Edilizia.

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Women in the workplace

According to the latest Eurostat data on female employment in Italy, our country has had one of the lowest levels in the European Union since 2014.
If we take a general average, we find that the rate of female employment is less than 60%, unlike countries like Sweden or the Netherlands, which have a rate of 80%.
Aware of this imbalance and of the valuable contribution that a woman’s point of view brings to the business, we’re trying to boost our female workforce, taking the number of women in our company from 9 (2020) to a healthy 28 in 2022.

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Women for Women

For the 8th of March 2022, we have decided to launch the Women for Women project.
How can the company team celebrate an important day like this without our thoughts straying to the Ukrainian people, especially the women, and the tragedy they are enduring?

This prompted us to take action, to try and do something in a show of solidarity to those women, mothers, girls and grandmothers who are going through such hard times. We’re doing this by donating essential goods to the Zlaghoda association.
“We’re driven by a strong sense of gratitude for the active role we can play to support and assert the protection of essential rights, the kind that we enjoy today.
More specifically, in recognition of international women’s day this year, we’re initiating a spontaneous collection of goods offered by all our just shy of 90 employees with the “Women for Women” project, which will see us work together over the coming weeks to better organize the logistics around getting the goods to where they need to go.

As Seriana Edilizia, today we are handing over this box of nappies, sanitary products and wipes, which will be followed up in the coming days with a second delivery of baby formula and baby food.”
These are the words written on the letter to the Zlaghoda association that will accompany Seriana Edilizia’s donations.

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International Women’s Day at Seriana Edilizia

All employees will have the chance to have a bit of fun today writing cards (anonymously or signed) addressed to their female colleagues, and will also be able to send messages to the women of Ukraine to express their solidarity. The messages will be collected and handed out to spread messages of encouragement, kindness and love.
A simple gesture, but one intended to express all the admiration, solidarity and love that bring the company corridors and offices to life every day.

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